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1000L Worm Brew - Worm Cast Liquid Concentrate

1000L Worm Brew - Worm Cast Liquid Concentrate

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DNA Test Results - We have had our Worm Brew DNA tested which determined exceptionally high levels of bacterial and fungal diversity, as well as disease-suppression markers. if you'd like to chat to the team about our excellent test results, call us on 07 3195 6969 or contact us here.

Applications - Seed Dressing, direct inject, foliar sprays, soil drenching. 

Microbes - Our worm cast extract is a microbe-rich liquid concentrate produced on-farm in QLD. It is abundant in a diverse range of beneficial aerobic microbes and brewed to produce fungal domination, creating a healthy soil food web. 

Soil Regeneration – helps regenerate healthy soils by building soil structure and SOM%, increasing water retention, suppressing pest and disease pressure, aiding mineralisation and nutrient conversion, accelerating germination and supporting higher yields.

Soil Microbial Diversity – directly inoculates the soil with beneficial microbes, including fungi and bacteria, protozoa, enzymes, hormones and plant growth promoters.

Questions ? Contact us on 07 3195 6969 or

Checkout the 8 Reasons to Use Worm Cast Extract

For a shipping quote or to discuss how Worm Brew can be incorporated into your personalised growing programs, call 07 3195 6969 or complete the request form below - 

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Product description

Key Features Include:

Continuous Flow Through (CFT) – never needs digging

Innovative, patent-protected scraper blade system – for efficient, easy harvesting of worm castings (Pat. AU2020223679)

Misting heads – in each Module to achieve optimum moisture levels

Rodent proof & lockable - protect from rats, mice and other unwanted rodents

Vermicast storage platform – harvested worm castings can be stored in a cool, moist environment, extending the life of beneficial soil microbes

80L, easy-to-clean tank

Scalable – add Extension Modules and increase the capacity of feedstock processing and worm cast production at any time

Large thermal mass – much easier to manage than small worm farms, allowing greater stability in temperature, moisture, pH of bedding.


* Seed free (filtered to 200 micron)
* Fungal Dominant
* May be used safely with equipment fitted with 200micron filters.
* Examples of application include: fertigation, foliar spray, soil drench, seed dressings, biopriming.


1000L Worm Brew shuttles ship across Australia. Pick an option that suits you.

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Door-to-door delivery for farms and businesses is usually available (MUST have forklift to unload). Please contact us for a customised shipping quote.

*T&Cs for FLAT RATE shipping:
a. Flat rate does not apply to NT, WA and TAS - please contact us for a customised shipping quote.

b. Upon placing an order we will we will notify you of your nearest Depot pick-up address. If for any reason the location of the Depot is unsuitable - you may cancel your order at this stage and we will refund the purchase price in full.
Note: No refunds will be given if you have not advised us of unsuitability and the order has been dispatched.

c. Freight Carrier selected at the discretion of WDU Enterprises P/L.

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