Commercial Solutions

Eumundi State School

“Eumundi State School has been working with the Eumundi Markets and Worms Downunder in order to implement a waste disposal system utilizing worms.  The essential aim of the Eumundi Markets is to reduce their carbon footprint through the reduction of compostable waste being sent to landfill.  Each year the markets are sending approximately 27 tonnes of compostable waste to landfill – their aim is to significantly reduce this waste figure by utilizing various systems to compost it and return a beneficial product back to the environment.

The Eumundi Markets and Worms Downunder established four Grande systems (500 litres each) on site at Eumundi State School.  A purpose built shelter was constructed to house the systems.  Compostable waste is retrieved from the markets each Wednesday and Saturday and added to the system.

A critical part of the success of the system has been the initial support from Worms Downunder in setting the systems up and assisting the allocated staff in charge of managing the worm composting systems.  Twelve months on and the four systems had proved their capability so well that the capacity was doubled to a total of 8 Grandes.  With the expansion of the systems the school is beginning to gear up to process it’s own compostable waste on site.

Utilising the by products of the worm systems has been taken on by the student council at Eumundi State School.  They have created a product called ‘Worm Wizz’. The microbe rich product is used to enhance the soil quality of the gardens.  As casting levels continue to build these, as well as worms themselves will be marketed by the student council at the Eumundi Markets.” 

Anita Kenafacke, Catnook Boutique Cattery

“I just want to let you know about my experience with the Worms Downunder system “The Grande”. I purchased my first Grande four years ago.
I run and own a Boutique Boarding Cattery in Victoria. I needed a system that meet the following requirements: handle the waste from the cattery, be user friendly, reduce our environmental footprint. (we did not want to add to landfill at all), affordable.

We did some considerable research and found that the ‘Grande’ from Worms Downunder ticked all of those boxes for us. We have been using the system for four years and have just purchased a second system due to an expansion of our business. We have found that we have wonderful castings that allow us to keep and maintain a fantastic garden. We use the worm juice for our Vegetable garden where I grow an abundance of healthy vegetables and the system is so simple to use the worms do all the work. The system is very easy to set up and the instructions a really clear. I would highly recommend any Worms Downunder systems to anyone who needs to reduce or recycle waste or just cares about having a great garden.”

Sunshine Coast Council

“Sunshine Coast Council has purchased quite a few of Worm’s Downunder Worm Habitats over the past five years, including the 240ltr, 360ltr and large scale Grandes. The Habitats have been installed at various locations, including the Maroochy Botanic Gardens, Council Offices, and numerous schools.

A year ago the Council extended our Worm Habitat fleet to include a New Worm Habitat Grande. It was installed at the Council Depot in Wises Road in order to collect worm juice and castings. The worm juice is a natural alternative to chemical fertilisers and was much desired for use on public grounds and parks in the Sunshine Coast Region. Worms Downunder has also offered on-going back-up support for all systems purchased.”

Southern Beaches Community Gardens

“Today would see the delivery of the SBCG’s new baby; a Double Grande Worm Habitat from Worms Downunder. Compliments of MP Karen Andrews’ Communities Environment Grant, once set up and fully operational, the Double Grande Worm Farm Habitat will be ready to handle up to 40 litres of waste per day. In doing so, the Double Grande will help remove approximately 3 tonnes of biodegradable waste from landfill per year. All while creating soil enriching worm castings considered by many to be some of the best all-natural fertiliser found anywhere. Worms Downunder’s owner (Jen) gave an in-depth tour and description of the community garden’s newest attraction. The combination of the habitat’s various moving parts coupled with Jen’s thoroughly informative talk on vermiculture painted a picture that kept everyone fascinated.”

Taroona Neighbourhood Garden

“Taroona Neighbourhood Garden (TNG) is a voluntary organisation operated by 50 member families who grow vegetables on individual plots and collaborate to cultivate the perimeter areas, where they share the produce. Members of the TNG will contribute full ongoing management of the worm farm facility and undertake community education to increase use of the worm farm and thereby reduce food waste in the roadside collection. Social connection is something we have all been craving through the isolating times of the pandemic, a community worm farm is a great way to bring people together as well as achieve environmental and community benefits.”

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Worm juice


“Hello Worms Downunder, I’m having great success with your product, lush green growth, my garden is happy. I needed to add some life back into the soil & this is doing the job.”

Trevor Sharp, Moonrise Estate Wines

“With results exceeding expectations, I will be buying Worm Cast Extract Liquid Concentrate from Worms Downunder again this season.”

Mark Dixson, President Woombye Snakes Football Club

“Woombye Snakes have just started to use Worm’s Downunder’s Liquid Concentrate on our fields. It is important to us that the product is safe and natural as we have children teams… After our second application of the worm juice we saw worms for the first time in seven years. The fields are looking great and we plan on using the juice on a regular basis.”

Domestic solutions

Bec - Homegrown Patch

“Thanks to the wonderful team at Worms Downunder I’m starting my first worm farm! They are 100% passionate about vermicomposting and provided me with all the info I would need to get started. I’m now a worm lover too! It’s a great addition to my veggie patch to help reduce waste and in return provide worm castings for fertiliser. I love the clever design, it’s such an easy system, and Aussie made!”


“Just received our worms and so excited to see how well they manage our vast amount of veg and fruit scraps! Marvellous service from Jennifer and staff. Extra fast response to email questions. VERY excited that this is an Aussie business. Shared the information with my local Tassie garden club, my Facebook page and I hope it results in more orders. These people deserve to succeed.”


“I received my worm farm a few days ago and really happy with the quality. Looking forward to seeing results in my garden and reducing my carbon footprint.”


“I have forwarded on some photos that were taken by our office staff of the kids feeding and emptying the juices from the worm habitat we purchased from you.

They are enjoying it so much. They are LOVING it … now just to get the rest of the stuff set up for them (chicken, gardens etc).

Thank you so much for your assistance in helping us get our environmental club up and running for our school.

It will have benefits well into the future for our schooling kids and teach them valuable lessons to take home also.”

Katie & Michael

“Hello Worms Downunder, Thank you for your recent email regarding to the posting of our worm farm that our family ordered from you. The worm farm arrived to us last Friday, so we were able to unpack it over the weekend! We absolutely love it and can’t wait to get it up and running….Thank you so much for such a wonderful product….it is such great quality and we know our family will receive many many years of fun with our composting! Thank you again for your quick service, a fantastic product that we will be telling many of our friends and family about and the personal and friendly contact that you provided!”


“I am loving the worm habitat! The first really successful compost giver yet.”


“I used my friends Worm Habitat when I looked after their home for them. Now I cannot live without one. I was really excited to see they came in a whole range of colours and fell in love with purple! I am now setting up my veggie garden so the juice and castings will be great.

The service and commitment from Worms Downunder is outstanding and I love that their products are Australian made and owned. Thanks Worms Downunder”


“Hi, I bought a worm farm from you 18 months ago, and I wanted to thank you for your great service, advice and ongoing support. I am very impressed by the ease and convenience of using your worm farm. The worms are very happily multiplying and recycling large amounts of waste. So much so, I hardly ever need to take our bins out anymore. The best purchase I’ve made, thank you” 


“I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how happy we are with our worms and the fantastic service and support you have provided us with. It is over a year now since we started our worm farm and although we had some initial hiccups, thanks to your expert advice and great back up support, dealing with problems early on has meant that we now have a thriving worm farm. Not only do we have a wonderful way of disposing of our food scraps, we are enjoying the rewards of a beautiful liquid fertilizer which we use on our vege garden to produce great chemical free, home grown food!

Thanks again, and keep up the great work, I recommend Worms Downunder to anyone wanting to start up a worm farm.”

Errol and Mary

“We purchased our worm habitat around 18 months ago and have been extremely happy with the performance. Our worms are busy chomping away and making us lots of nice fertilizer. For the first time ever, we have garden plants that are thriving – not just growing – compliments of worm juice. Mary is the original lazy gardener and Errol gives the garden more tlc, and we are both amazed at how great everything is. We are madly giving huge bunches of parsley to anyone who visits. Thanks again for a great product and we wish you and yours all the best for the festive season.”

Worms Downunder


“These guys are warriors for the planet. Great products, awesome back up service and leaders in their field. Local family company too.”


“Awesome customer service, Worms Downunder are very passionate about their products. They were open to my concern when I first got the worm farm and helped set my mind at ease. Our garden has never looked so happy and so little organic matter goes into rubbish bin now. I think everyone should have a worm farm!”


“Great people to deal with, very helpful, great product. Highly recommend.”