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Worm Mod Units - Large-scale Worm Farm Solutions

Worm Mod Units - Large-scale Worm Farm Solutions


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Worm Mods are our large-scale worm farm range. They are a game changer for transforming your on-farm, organic waste into microbe-rich worm cast. The microbes that are produced by a worm when they turn manures, composts and other organic materials into worm cast is essential to building healthy, thriving soil. Worm cast is abundant in a diverse range of micronutrients, hormones, enzymes, plant growth promoters and microbes. Produce worm cast on-farm to use in seedling mixes or easily brew into a liquid application for foliar sprays, soil drenching, seed dressing, fertigation. Worm cast has the power to:

  • Increase resistance to plant diseases and pests without pesticides and herbicides
  • Convert nutrients into plant-accessible form 
  • Increase the moisture holding capacity of the soils
  • Build soil structure and organic matter percentage
  • Accelerate germination and increase yields

The Worm Mod - Is a large-capacity, modular and scalable worm farm, capable of processing up to 20L of organic waste per day and can produce up to 3000L of microbe-rich worm castings per year. 

The modular design allows you to expand your worm farm by adding extra modules. The Worm Mod can be customised to exist as stand alone units or connect together to form banks of multi-unit worm farms - as many as you need. 

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Product description

Key Features Include:

Continuous Flow Through (CFT) – never needs digging

Innovative, patent-protected scraper blade system – for efficient, easy harvesting of worm castings (Pat. AU2020223679)

Misting heads – in each Module to achieve optimum moisture levels

Rodent proof & lockable - protect from rats, mice and other unwanted rodents

Vermicast storage platform – harvested worm castings can be stored in a cool, moist environment, extending the life of beneficial soil microbes

80L, easy-to-clean tank

Scalable – add Extension Modules and increase the capacity of feedstock processing and worm cast production at any time

Large thermal mass – much easier to manage than small worm farms, allowing greater stability in temperature, moisture, pH of bedding.


- 12-month warranty
- 100% Australian made
- Largest modular worm farms in Australia
- Continuous flow-through design
- Scraper system for harvesting cast
- Large thermal mass of bedding makes it easier to manage temperature extremes
- 70L tanks to catch leachate and lockable tap to drain liquid
- Rodent proof
- Sturdy frame and structure manufactured using highest quality aluminium frame with stainless steel fixing.
- Adjustable feet for uneven ground surfaces
- Highest quality aluminium composite paneling
- Extensive ventilation
- Easy to use and maintain


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Door-to-door delivery is available, please contact us for a customised shipping quote.

Please note, door-to-door delivery requires a forklift on site to unload your Worm Mod.

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