8 Reasons to use Worm Cast Extract (Worm Brew)

8 Reasons to use Worm Cast Extract (Worm Brew)

Worm Brew is a microbe-rich, liquid concentrate produced on our family’s commercial worm farm in SE QLD. As farmers ourselves, we understand that ultimately, it is the tangible results on the ground in terms of plant. animal health and profits that really matter.

Our process for creating Worm Brew, includes extracting the beneficial microbial and chemical elements from solid worm castings, into a liquid concentrate.  This allows options for more efficient delivery of these valuable elements to soils and plant structures. For example, the liquid concentrate we filter our extract to is 200 micron to ensure it does not contain weed seeds or large particles remain (that may otherwise clog spray/fertigation equipment). 

We work hard to obtain the highest quality worm castings and brew our worm cast extract to ensure an abundance and diversity of plant growth promoters, enzymes, protozoa, fungi, bacteria and other beneficial microbes.  We pride ourselves on consistently achieving very high Fungal:Bacteria (F:B) ratios that have proven very effective with our farmers and growers over the years. 

Here's 8 reasons you should incorporate Worm Brew into your soil program.

1. Improving Soil Structure:

  • The liquid extract is rich in beneficial microbes. These microbes, when introduced to the soil, produce substances like glomalin and polysaccharides that bind soil particles together, forming stable aggregates.
  • While the liquid form may not directly add structure like the solid castings, the presence of humic and fulvic acids in the extract promotes soil aggregation and enhances cation exchange capacity, leading to better soil structure. 

2. Enhancing Nutrient Availability:

  • Beneficial microbes in the extract can solubilize certain soil nutrients, making them more available to plants. For instance, certain bacteria can solubilize phosphorus, making it more accessible.
  • The liquid extract contains soluble forms of essential nutrients (like N, P, K) and other trace elements which can be immediately available for plant uptake.
3. Increasing Microbial Activity:
  • The liquid extract inoculates both soil and plant structures with a diversity and abundance of beneficial microbes. These microbes help in breaking down organic matter and contribute to nutrient cycling.
4. Increasing Nutrient Density – Plants & Animals
  • Improved nutrient cycling and subsequent uptake by plants means they can synthesize more sugars and secondary metabolites, leading to plant nutrient levels (e.g. Brix Levels).
  • The nutrients and organic compounds present in worm cast extract can directly contribute to increased photosynthesis and sugar production in plants. Higher nutrient levels in plants often correlate with higher brix readings, indicating better quality produce.
  • Animals that eat grass with higher nutrition and brix levels assimilate more minerals, vitamins, and essential fatty acids. Consequently, the meat is denser in vital nutrients including, Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E, and other beneficial nutrients.
  • The fat marbling from animals fed on high brix and nutritious grasses can also offer a superior taste and texture.

5. Accelerating Germination & Plant Growth:
  • An earthworm’s gut-biome produces growth-promoting substances, such as auxins and gibberellins. These phytohormones are known to stimulate and accelerate seed germination.
  • The wide range of essential nutrients and growth-promoting compounds from worm castings support plant development and fruiting, which can lead to increased yields.
  • The presence of enzymes, vitamins, and amino acids further stimulate plant growth and metabolism.
6. Suppressing Diseases and Pests:
  • Beneficial microbes in worm cast extract can outcompete or produce antagonistic compounds against soil-borne pathogens. For instance, certain strains of Bacillus and Trichoderma are known to suppress various plant pathogens.
  • Worm casts also contains chitinase producing bacteria and other enzymes which have been found to break down the exoskeleton of certain pests or reduce their reproductive success. 
7. Increasing Water Retention Capability of Soils:
  • While the liquid extract primarily acts as a carrier for nutrients and microbes, the introduced microbial activity will over time, lead to improved soil structure and organic matter decomposition, both of which can aid in water retention.
  • Humic and fulvic acids in the extract also enhance the soil's cation exchange capacity, indirectly aiding in moisture retention.
8. Decreasing Input Costs
  • For the reasons outlined above, introducing beneficial biology can significantly reduce reliance on industrial inputs such as:
    • Pesticides, herbicides & fungicides
    • Antibiotics and other medications for animals
    • Synthetics fertilisers – decreased due to less goes a lot further if in plant available form, not being leached away or locked up etc (Behind every mineral is a microbe – Graeme Sait)

In essence, liquid worm cast extract, while in a different form than solid castings, harnesses many of the same beneficial properties. It's particularly potent in delivering soluble nutrients and beneficial biology directly to plants and their surrounding soil.

We produce Worm Brew in 20L up to 1000L IBCs and send them to farmers all around Australia. If you'd like a quote, fill out the quote request form here: Quote Request or call us on 3195 6969 to discuss application rates for your particular soil program. 

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