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Worm Brew - Liquid Worm Cast Concentrate

Worm Brew - Liquid Worm Cast Concentrate

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Worm Brew is an exceptional foliar feed and soil conditioner ~ it is the ultimate partner for any grower. Our unique and highly developed product is extracted from worm cast & brewed using our proprietary method, it is not merely ‘run off’ or leachate.

DNA Test Results - We have had our Worm Brew DNA tested which determined exceptionally high levels of bacterial and fungal diversity, as well as disease-suppression markers.

It benefits soil and plants by activating microbial activity and helping to release soil nutrients for your plants to absorb. A lot of the time minerals are sitting in the soil, locked up in unavailable forms. The beneficial microbes unlock these minerals, allowing the plants to make use of these nutrients. It is 100% natural, organic and contains no chemicals. It is safe for all plants and will help create a healthy soil food web.

The concentrate is diluted with rainwater or non-chlorinated water, for domestic use the suggested dilution rate is 1:10 ratio. For every 1 litre of brew, use 10 litres of water!

5L of concentrate will cover approximately 1 hectare. 


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