Worm Farm Tips: Worms love paper!

Worm Farm Tips: Worms love paper!

Worms require a good carbon:nitrogen balance, so adding paper is a great way of keeping up your carbon input. Not only does it help keep your carbon:nitrogen balance in check, excess inputs act as a great bedding source for your worms, plus it’s a fantastic sustainable way of managing your paper waste!

When people think of what can be composted through a worm farm they often think of kitchen scraps; not only can you compost so much more than that, a diversify of inputs will ensure your worm farm is thriving. It’s not only shredded paper your worms will love, they will enjoy many other forms of paper too. Chuck in your paper towels, paper packaging, cardboard, toilet rolls etc.

Carbon and nitrogen toilet paper 'cannolis' 

Reducing the size of your inputs (increasing the surface area) makes it easier for your worms to process, so shred, tear, mulch or rip up your paper inputs to increase your worm’s efficiency.

Make sure you moisten your paper before putting it in your worm farm (as with all your carbon inputs) to ensure it doesn’t dry out the environment. Worms require moist skin to allow dissolved oxygen to pass through into their bloodstream, so if the environment becomes too dry this can make it tricky for them to get sufficient oxygen.

This quick video goes through how to appropriately prepare paper for your worm farm - click here 

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