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SeaChange Liquid Kelp™

SeaChange Liquid Kelp™

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Cold-composted Australian Bull Kelp – high quality and extremely well priced.

Liquid Australian Bull Kelp Durvillaea potatorum, manufactured with a proprietary processing system. The 90-day cold-composting process retains all of the natural attributes of bull kelp, with none of the denaturing features inherent in some other manufacturing procedures that involve heat and alkaline extraction. The attributes include: minerals, amino acids, natural growth promotants, chelating agents and complex sugars. This product has been developed as part of an NTS quest to reduce the costs to the Australian farmer of the core components of biological agriculture.

Key Performance

  • Powerful rescue remedy
  • Healthy, balanced growth
  • Improved root growth

Growth Stage

  • Calcium for cell strength & fruit quality.
  • Magnesium for optimum sugar production.
  • Boron for healthy flowering & fruit-set.


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