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Urban Worm Farm (140L) - FREE Shipping

Urban Worm Farm (140L) - FREE Shipping

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Our 140L 'worm farm on wheels' is a mobile, rodent-free, continuous flow through (CFT) system with a misting head. The 140L turns your home food scraps into microbially active plant superfoods that will boost your home garden, pot plants, or urban produce patch. The front porthole gives you great access to the microbe-rich worm castings which you can apply directly or turn into a liquid application using non-chlorinated water. 

This worm farm is suitable for a small family or a household that produces around 2L of food waste a day (once your worm population is at full capacity). It has a misting system to keep your worm population hydrated, vent holes to keep the air fresh but unwanted pests out, and a convenient porthole for collecting your wormcast.

Worms sold separately here

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We ship our 140L Worm Farm across Australia. Please reach out for a custom shipping rate if you are in WA, NT or TAS.

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