Did you know? Worms breathe through their skin

Did you know? Worms breathe through their skin

That’s right, your hard-working worm friends have no lungs. They require oxygen to survive just like us, but they don’t breathe through their mouth or their nose either (they don’t have one!), they breathe through their skin. This is why it’s important your worm farm is kept moist as they require moist skin to allow dissolved oxygen to pass through into their bloodstream. If your worm farm environment becomes too dry this can make it difficult for your worms to perform this process and if they dry out completely, they won’t survive.

This why we suggest you always moisten any carbon inputs before putting them in your worm farm, otherwise they could cause the environment to become too dry and if your worms become surrounded by dry carbon inputs this can dry out their skin and prevent them from being able to breathe.

Your worms skin should always have a glistening shine – this indicates they are moist and healthy.

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