Worm Farm Tips: Don’t Overfeed

Worm Farm Tips: Don’t Overfeed

Over feeding is one of the most common causes of worm farm problems. We understand that you might be eager to get your worm farm churning through as much of your waste as possible, but too much waste can cause the environment to become too acidic, damp and anaerobic – all things worms don’t enjoy!

It’s key to remember that your worms are the foundation for your worm farm, so how many worms you have in your environment will correlate to how much waste your worm farm will process. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on your worms activity to gauge how much waste you should be putting in and when is an appropriate time to add more. We suggest waiting until at least half of your last feedstock has been consumed by your worms before adding more.

Worms will process on average around 50% of their body weight a day, so this will help give an indication of how much organic waste your worm farm will process. i.e. 1kg of worms = approximately 500g organic waste a day. Don’t forget worms enjoy a balanced diet, so this waste input must include a mix of nitrogen “greens” and carbon “browns”.

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