Worm Tips: Horse Manure

Worm Tips: Horse Manure


Aged horse manure is an excellent ‘pick me up’ for your worm habitat. If you’re experiencing any issues with your worm farm, aged manure from horses (or cows for that matter!) is perfect for resetting conditions to get your habitat back on track.

Aged manure is approx. the ideal carbon:nitrogen ratio (20:1) so it’s a good food source for keeping your habitat at the right balance. It also improves the structure of the bedding helping to keep it aerobic. Why does the manure need to be aged? If the manure is fresh it is still relatively high in nitrogen, so it best to wait until the manure has dried out (when it is classified ‘aged’).

Make sure you moisten the manure first before putting it in your worm farm as it normally a bit dry inside.

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